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Behind every Sunflower Care mission is a complex process demanding resources. Stable monthly donations free us from constant fundraising, ensuring uninterrupted, life-saving operations for handicapped victims of the war. Be our backbone today.

Local Help

monthly renewing Donation
  • Local Train or bus ticket
  • food for a family for one day
  • a Carrier for a pet
  • package Painkillers/diapers
Ease Pain for 15€

Deliver Aid

monthly renewing Donation
  • 1 Bus or train Ticket Abroad
  • 1 wheelchair
  • 10 Hours of Rehabilitation in Ukraine
  • Food for a Family for 3 weeks
Deliver Aid for150€

Safe Lifes

monthly renewing Donation
  • 2 Train or Plane tickets
  • 2-4 Weeks Temporary Housing
  • 1 Month of professional Care in Ukraine
  • special Nutrition for a Month
Save lifes for 350€
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Solidarity weakens pain.
For the unseen and disabled,
your action matters.

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