General information for refugees with disabilities in Germany

A brief overview of disability-related information, links, and contacts in Germany for individuals who have fled the war in Ukraine.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

General information for refugees with disabilities in Germany:

In Germany, there is a strong effort to include people with disabilities in society and employment so that they can lead fulfilling lives. Taking care of individuals in need of assistance is an important part of the social protection system in Germany. The state makes efforts to restore the ability of people with disabilities to work and participate in social and cultural life. These issues are addressed in the section of the German Social Code called "Rehabilitation and Integration of People with Disabilities" (SGB IX).

A person with a disability is someone whose physical, mental, or psychological condition deviates for at least six months, which hinders their full participation in social life. Such a definition can be found in §2 (1) of the SGB IX.

For refugees with disabilities, there is information available through the following link:

Primary assistance for refugees with disabilities is provided by the Red Cross through the Federal Contact Center. They help large groups of arriving people to access specialized assistance in medical institutions or assist in their integration into society. They also assist with requests for placement in residential facilities or nursing homes and provide basic information about medical services in Germany for refugees with disabilities. The following contacts can be used to get in touch:

Email: bundeskontaktstelle@drk.deHotline: +49 30 854 04 789 Hotline working hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 09:00 to 14:00.

If you wish to report a person with a disability, chronic illness, or injury and receive initial information, you can use the following link:

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